New Facility

Opening in August 2020 for New Member tours. 

Currently closed for renovations. 



Can I tour the facility? Tours will begin the week before Formal Rush. 

How many people can live there? The new facility houses 6-8 members. 

Does every member have access? Yes, all members have 24 hour access to common areas of the facility. 

What common areas does it have? The facility has a large kitchen, a back patio, a front patio, one large multi-function room, a large side yard, a garden and a large study room. 

Is it secure? Yes, the facility is monitored 24/7 and is equipped with biometric locks. 

How far from campus is the facility? The facility is an 18 minute walk from the CUB or a 14 minute walk from the Chinook Student Center. 

Is there parking? Yes, there is plenty of parking around the facility.

What is the neighborhood like? The facility is located in a quiet part of College Hill, perfect for studying and brotherhood.

The Only Fraternity Facility

This Close to Downtown Pullman

The following businesses are just a short walk from the facility...
The Neill Public Library (3 min)
Porch Light Pizza (2 min)
Heros N Sports (1 min)
Taco Del Mar/Thomas Hammer Coffee (4 min)
Subway (5 min)
The Black Cypress (7 min)
Lumberyard (6 min)
Evolve (8 min)
Daily Grind (6 min)
Cafe Moro (6 min)

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